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Day Trip Split to Trogir

In case You are in Split, book our day trip Split to Trogir. Together with a local driver guide, discover the old part of the Dalmatian town Trogir and travel back to the “ancient Roman Empire”. Indeed, only 30-min drive from Split is Trogir. Today. it has a population of 10,818 and a total municipality population of 13,260. The historic city of Trogir is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo. Founded by Greeks from Vis in the third century BC, named “Tragurion”.  As a result, Trogir has 2300 years of urban tradition. Its culture was created under the influence of the ancient Greeks, and afterward the Romans and Venetians.  Feel the Mediterranean spirit and walk through the most famous Roman archaeological site in Croatia. The Trogir will make You feel like a spot-on time traveler!

How to get from Split to Trogir in a day?

Simply book your day trip Split to Trogir with your own driver guide.  Together with the guide, the city tour will give you the best introduction to Trogir. After we pick you up at the place of your accommodation in Split, we’ll begin our panoramic drive to Trogir. You’ll also be connected thanks to our free WiFi access on board. Prices for a day trip to Trogir start as low as 240 Euros (price is per vehicle not per person). Our service and quality are available on the TripAdvisor profile. Give us a try and experience it for yourself!

What You will experience?

There are several benefits to booking a private tour of Trogir. Together with our driver guide, the city tour will give you the best introduction to Trogir. Today it’s the economic, history, culture center of Dalmatia. Encircled by the Adriatic sea, the town welcomes boats of all shapes and styles. The entire town grew out of the ruins of an ancient palace. Today Trogir is home to many cafes, outdoor markets, and artisan shops.

The Kamerlengo Castle

Built by the Venetians in around 1420, this fortress was once connected to the city walls. Along the walls of the fortress, at the crown, there is a passage from all sides that served guard patrols, with a wooden fence and handholds. The Kamerlengo Fortress is open for visitors and from the largest and oldest tower, there is a spectacular view of Trogir. In the summer, numerous concerts, shows, and film productions take place there. The small walls fragments are located in the Northern and the Western part of the city. The XIII century front South walls, as well as the Fort of St. Nicholas (kula Sv. Nikole) and Fort Vitturi (kula Vitturi) have been well preserved. They are unique fortifications examples from those times.

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Is the town’s centerpiece, located in the main square. Built between the XIII and XVII centuries, the cathedral has a rich history. The bell tower alone took 200 years to build, thus becoming a textbook lesson of the Dalmatian architectural styles: Gothic at the bottom, Venetian Gothic in the middle, and Renaissance at the top. The cathedral’s front entry – the ornately decorated, recently restored Radovan’s portal – is worth seeing. Inside, it’s dark, with many altars. The treasury features some beautiful XV century carved-wood cabinets, filled with ecclesiastical art and gear The cathedral is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Romanesque portal

One of the most notable features of the Cathedral is its amazing Romanesque door, carved in 1240 by Master Radovan. It is a monumental and unique piece of art of Dalmatian Middle-age plastic. The local architect and sculptor Master Radovan worked on the cathedral’s gateway (main West portal) during the early stages of its construction. Most of the portal was carved by the master himself. Finished and signed in 1240, it is a monumental and, perhaps, unique work of this great Croatian artist. The portal is divided into two parts, upper and lower. The upper part shows scenes from the Gospels, that is, the life of Christ. Human forms dominate the portal. Both the internal and external doorposts rest on the back of bent-over bearers, also the work of Radovan himself. Beside the portal, there are pictures of Adam and Eve standing on the backs of two lions.

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Simply book your day trip from Split to Trogir with your own driver guide and luxury vehicle. Prices start as low as 240 euros.