Day Trips from Split


Day Trips from Split | Your local guide for Split Private Tours

Day Trips from Split

Croatia Private Tours presents the best day trips from Split. If You are in Split for a few days or longer, you will like to include a day trip from Split to some of the great places in the surrounding area. With this in mind, we organize Split Private Tours to the most popular destinations in Split. For example, choose our most popular “Split & Trogir” private walking tour. Together with our local guide learn about the history of Split. Next, a short drive from Split is the Krka National Park. Book a private tour to explore most of the park’s lakes and waterfalls. Furthermore, less than two hours’ drive from Split, is the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. As a result, discover and explore hidden gems of “Mostar” on this private tour!

Split Day Trips

We are a group of professionals, but You’ll find that we are more than that. Our experienced local guides will explain to you every corner of this city in detail. Furthermore, on one of our private day trips, they will give you a chance to see some things which most average tourists do not see! In case You decide to travel with Us, You will have the opportunity to experience the most authentic tour. Moreover, if you are visiting Split with a cruise ship, we can meet you in front of your cruise ship and show you some of the local sights.

About Split?

The story of amazing Split dates back to ancient Roman times. Split’s most famous feature is its Diocletian’s Palace consider to be the most spectacular. Built towards the end of the 3rd century AD, is the most significant Roman site in Croatia. With locals who continue to live within its walls, it is a living monument of one era and without a doubt a “must-see” when visiting Split. If you want to know more about Split, read on the page “About Split“. For an outstanding private tour experience, check our wide selection of private day trips from Split. Finally, get in touch with local experts!