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ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL  takes care to preserve the security of customer data which is collected by web page We collect, process, and save customers’ personal information in accordance with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other applicable regulations. Customer data will not be passed on to third parties or exported to third countries except in the case of the need (for the realization of contracted services – eg insurance policy).


When booking a transfer through the web page, a customer, who has to be over the age of 18, is asked to write his personal information (eg name, address, contact phone, etc.) and other customer’s information (eg name, date of birth). Some necessary information can be forwarded to other places, such as insurance companies, but only for the realization of the service.

Payment details (eg bank card number, expiration date) are specifically protected and will only be available to banks or cardholders for payment authorization.


The cookies are a small set of data sent from the server to the user’s computer and used as an anonymous identifier. They are also used to make it easier to navigate through the web pages (eg you do not have to re-enter your registration data each time). Cookies are not used with the goal of accessing to user’s data or tracking the user’s activities after leaving

Accepting cookies customers allow ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL to collect statistical data of user behavior at web page ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL reserves the right to use cookies at but any user can prohibit receiving cookies by editing / changing settings in their Internet browser.

On our website, you will find links to other websites (eg Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor). Remember that ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL. is not to be held liable for the privacy of those Internet sites. Customers are asked to read the Privacy Statement of each Internet site they access.

HT Pay Way

HT Pay Way applies state-of-the-art data protection standards – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that the data exchange between the T-Com system and the authorization centers of the card companies is carried out in a private network, which is protected from unauthorized access by a double layer of “firewall” (firewall).


ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL  takes all security measures to protect the user’s data which is limited only to employees who are required to do business. Personal information will be kept during the existence of the website. Users at any time have the right to request information about their personal data processed by ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL, as well as ask to change that information or to request to delete the same, by sending a request to By making the reservation through the website Customer allows ADRIATIC LUXURY travel to use photos, videos, and reviews for promotional activities on our websites.

3d secure instructions for safe online shopping.

Mastercard® SecureCode ™ is a Mastercard service and a card issuer that gives you added security while online shopping. You do not need a new Mastercard or Maestro® card to use this service. You choose your personal Mastercard SecureCode and never share it with an online merchant. A private code means additional security against unauthorized use of your credit or debit card when you buy online. Using the service is safe and easy and takes place in just a few steps:

Notification on changes

ADRIATIC LUXURY TRAVEL has the right to change the Privacy Policy, and in that situation, with the aim of acquainting the customer, .the notice will be published on website


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